Monday, June 10, 2013

Rule-38 Transfer : Case of Sri Chakrapani Dalapati, PA, Jatni MDG : Transferred to Koraput Division and posted as PA, Rayagada HO

 Department of Posts: India
                          Office of  the Senior Supdt of POs, Puri Divn. Puri - 752001.
   Memo  No. B-22/Genl./Ch IV                                   Dated at Puri the 7th June 2013
In pursuance with the Chief Post Master General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar Memo No  ST/45-Rule-38 dated 22.02.2013, and in continuation to this office memo of even No. dated 14.03.2013, the following official of Puri Division whose transfer under Rule-38 of P & T Manual Vol-IV has been approved for Koraput Division on mutual basis and place of posting communicated by the SSPOs, Koraput Division vide memo No. B1/Rue-38/2013 dated 03/06.05.2013, is hereby ordered to be relieved from his present post on the arrangement noted below.
Sl. No.
Name & Designation of the official
Name of the Division to which transferred
Place of psoting on transfer under Rule-38
Relieving arrangement
Sri Chakrapani Dalapati
PA, Jatni MDG
Koraput Division
PA, Rayagada HO
On office arrangement.
            The transfer of the aforesaid official is subject to the following terms & conditions.
1)     The official is not entitled to any TA/TP.
2)     The seniority of the official in the new unit shall be determined strictly in accordance with the provisions of Rule-38 of P & T Manual Vol.IV.
3)     The official shalll not claim repatriation back to her parent unit at a later date before completion of five years of service in the new unit.
4)     The pay of the official will be fixed under normal Rules of fixation.
5)   All other terms and conditions of transfer under Rule-38 as amended from time to time shall be applicable to her.
Senior Supdt. of POs,
Puri Dn.,Puri-752001
Copy of this memo is issued to:
1.            The Asst. Director (Staff), O/O the  C.P.M.G, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001, w.r.t. CO Memo No. ST/45-Rule-38 dated 22.02.2013.
2.                      The SSPOs, Koraput Division, Jepore (K), 764001, w.r.t. CO Memo No. ST/45-Rule-38 dated 22.02.2013 and his Memo No. B1/Rue-38/2013 dated 03/06.05.2013.
3.                        The official concerned
4.             The Postmaster Jatni MDG for information & n/a.
   5.             The Postmaster Puri HO for information
        6.             PF of the official.
7-9.          Steno/Acct./Bldg Branch Divisional office, Puri
10-1.       Office copy/Spare
Senior Supdt. of POs,
Puri Dn.,Puri-752001

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Post Offices providing online Services soon – MoS

The Centre is focusing on modernization of post offices in the country to improve service delivery and enable them to compete with courier companies, Union minister of state for communications and information technology KilliKruparani said today.The Department of Posts has sanctioned Rs 4,700 crore for modernization of 1.55 lakh post offices, she said here.Under the project, a provision of Rs 1,500 crore has been made to install computers in rural post offices, Kruparani said.To overcome the delay in providing services, the Union government has embarked on a massive drive to upgrade postal infrastructure, Kruparani said.She said all the post offices in the country will be soon providing online services.

The Minister was speaking after inaugurating the first all-women post office (Mahila Dak Ghar) in Andhra Pradesh which has come up in this port city."In the coming days, their will be more such post offices across the country for the convenience of women. The Centre intends to open Mahila Dak Ghars in every metropolitan city and big towns, especially where there is sizeable population of working women, Kruparani said.

Source : Times of India.